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Try some past year questions?

Primary 6 - Find the greatest 4-digit number which when decreased by 1 is exactly divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Primary 6 - Three plates of fruits A, B, and C are arranged in increasing order of their total mass.


To keep this order, where should plate D be placed? Choose one of the following:

A) Before A        B) Between A and B          C) Between B and C           D) After C


Primary 6 - If all the numbers in the number pattern, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, … n, n, n, n add up to 1860,                       what is n?

Primary 6 - Ten boys played Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who was the smartest. Every boy played against                      each of the other boys once. In each game, the winner received 3 points, the loser received 0 points,                      and in case of a draw, each of the two boys received 1 point each. The total number of points given                      was 125. How many games ended with a draw?

Primary 5 - Bobo always tells the truth on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Qiqi always tells                      the truth on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On the rest of the days, they may tell the                      truth or they may lie.

                     One day last week, Bobo and Qiqi both said, "I lied yesterday."                      

                     On which day of the week did that happen?

Primary 5 - John had $15 more than James for his weekly allowance. They each spent $60 weekly and saved the                     rest. John saved $315 and James saved $210 after a few weeks. How many weeks did it take John to                     save the $315?

Primary 5 - Following the arrows given in the diagram, how many different

                     routes are there from X to Y passing through P?


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Primary 4 - Amir, Bala, and Chandra each has a different favourite food which are satay, pizza, and nasi lemak.                     Amir does not like pizza or nasi lemak. Bala does not like pizza.

                    Name the favourite food of each person.

Primary 4 - There were seven friends. Each person shook hands with each of the other six friends. How many                      handshakes were there altogether?

Primary 4 - Three ladies Anne, Betty and Carol made the following statements:

                     Anne: I am 22 years old. I am 2 years younger than Betty. I am 1 year older than Carol.

                     Betty: I am not the youngest. Carol and I are 3 years apart. Carol is 25 years old.

                     Carol: I am younger than Anne. Anne is 23 years old. Betty is 3 years older than Anne.

                     If only two of the three statements made by each lady are true, find the age of Anne.

Primary 3 - Petrus pasted 4 dot stickers along two sides of a square as shown below.


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Primary 3 Questions.pdfPrimary 3 Solutions.pdfPrimary 4 Questions.pdfPrimary 4 Solutions.pdfPrimary 5 Questions.pdfPrimary 5 Solutions.pdfPrimary 6 Questions.pdfPrimary 6 Solutions.pdf

Primary 3

     Questions      Solutions

Primary 4

      Questions      Solutions

Primary 5

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Primary 6

       Questions      Solutions

                    Show where he should paste 5 more stickers so that there are 3 stickers on each side of the square.

Primary 3 - The total number of storybooks that John and Ken have is 25.

                     The total number of storybooks that John and Lionel have is 20.

                     The total number of storybooks that Ken and Lionel have is 31.

                     Who has the most number of books? How many does he have?

Primary 3 - Five friends wanted to know the number of balloons in a bunch,

                     Kara guessed 25, Kegan guessed 31, Calida guessed 29, Eugene guessed 24 and David guessed 27.

                     Two guesses were wrong by 2; one guess was wrong by 3 and one guess was wrong by 4. Only one                      guess was correct.

                     Who guessed the correct number of balloons?

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Registration closing date :           31 March 2018

ISMC Competition date :             14 April 2018 (Schools who host the competition in their school for their own students can have it

                                                         on 13 April 2018 (Friday) during their school hour.

Results announcement date :     Early May 2018

Award Ceremony :                        July 2018 at Sri KDU Schools (For top 30% global scorers)


Format is uniform across the levels: Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, and Primary 6.

Students are asked to solve 25 problems in 90 minutes. Students write their responses on an answer sheet. Questions are arranged in a way that the first ones are the easier ones, then the level of difficulty gradually increases so that the last questions are the more difficult ones.


5 Levels for the competition: -

Level P2 – for Primary 2 (National school) or Year 2 (International School)

Level P3 – for Primary 3 (National school) or Year 3 (International School)

Level P4 – for Primary 4 (National school) or Year 4 (International School)

Level P5 – for Primary 5 (National school) or Year 5 (International School)

Level P6 – for Primary 6 (National school) or Year 6 (International School)


2 marks each are contained by Questions 1-10, 4 marks each by Questions 11-20 and 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 marks each by Questions 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 respectively. Total score of 100. If a participant leaves a question unanswered, that question will be marked '0'. There is no penalty/deduction for wrong answer.


Individual Top scorers based on global ranking will receive Gold (top 5%), Silver (next 10%) and Bronze (next 15%) awards. Others will each get a Certificate of Participation.

Team Top school based on global ranking will receive the ISMC Challenge Trophy. The ranking will be based on the number of Gold awards, then Silver awards, then Bronze awards.


Please check with your school if they are hosting the competition. If not, please register via the online form


You can also email [email protected] by stating the following details: Parent name/email/mobile number, child name/school/year and the current town/state location.

Student registers for and participates in ISMC 2018 as per his/her grade level in school year 2017/2018.


Registration fee: RM60 per student


Matholia Singapore Primary Maths Online E-learning is giving FREE access to help participants to revise these topics. Please download the GUIDE to understand how to gain the free access.