International Singapore Maths Competition 2022

Students from around the world will again put on their thinking caps solving challenging problems. This will be a great learning experience for all! Aren't you excited to take part?

ISMC 2022 registration for P2 to P6 is now open!

Competition Date:
17 September 2022, Saturday
Competition Time
(Select one): 9.00am to 10.30am, 11.00am to 12.30pm, 2.00pm to 3.30pm, 4.00pm to 5.30pm for Online
Competition Mode:
(1) Online using Zoom and ISMC Online Exam System
(2) Physical at Sri KDU International School, KLANG from 17 Sept from 10.00am to 11.30am

Registration Closing Date: 10 September 2022
Participation Fee: RM60
Award: TOP 30% (percentile) will be awarded Gold medal (top 5% percentile), Silver medal (next 10%) and Bronze medal (next 15%). 

** If you're teacher and wish to conduct in your school/learning center, please contact CK Gan at 0123833218

(Click to Call) +6011-6550 5400
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For payment of RM60, please pay online to
- Company: Hallmark Approach Sdn Bhd (1048924-K)
- Bank: Maybank
- Account Number: 5186 1700 0715
State Your Child FULL Name in the payment description. Unidentified online payment will not be refunded.

The Rationale of ISMC

  • There is great enthusiasm among Primary students to compete in mathematics competitions. This is an extremely good sign for the progress of mathematics education. However, most mathematics competitions seem to be testing students' knowledge beyond the school syllabus and exposing what the students cannot do while a mathematics competition should actually be a platform to reveal what students can do!
  • ISMC aims to encourage the young students to compete at the international level. It also helps to identify best talents among students. Its syllabus is mainly common with the Singapore Maths (Primary) syllabus. Thus, students can take part in ISMC without advanced beyond-the-grade-level knowledge and marathon of special training trying to learn in hours all topics which are new and unfamiliar to them.

Who can participate?

  • All students from government schools, private and international schools in Malaysia

Competition Level

  • Level P2 for students born 2014 (8 years old) and 2015 (7 years old)
  • Level P3 for students born 2013 (9 years old) and younger  (for e.g. 8 and 7 years old)
  • Level P4 for students born 2012 (10 years old) and younger 
  • Level P5 for students born 2011 (11 years old) and younger 
  • Level P6 for students born 2009, 2010 (13 years old) and younger

The younger students can compete at higher level if they feel prepared for the level.

Competition Format

  • Language - English only papers
  • Participants are asked to solve 25 problems in 90 minutes. Participants write their responses on an answer sheet. Questions are arranged in a way that the first ones are the easier ones, then the level of difficulty gradually increases so that the last questions are the more difficult ones. 
  • Participants for Level P5 & P6 are allowed to use calculator (any form) during the competition 
  • Participants are allowed to prepare their own pencil/pen and paper for the working

How We Mark?

  • 2 marks each are contained by Questions 1-10
  • 4 marks each by Questions 11-20
  • 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 marks each by Questions 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 respectively
  • Total score of 100
  • If a participant leaves a question unanswered, that question will be marked '0'. There is no penalty/deduction for wrong answer
  • Please write all your answers on the Answer Sheet supplied together with the question papers. Answers in the question papers will not be marked


  • TOP 30% Scorers (Winners) based on MALAYSIA ranking will receive Gold (top 5%), Silver (next 10%) and Bronze (next 15%) awards. The winners will receive certificate of achievement and a medal. Winners can request to courier the certificate and medal to home. Cost of packaging and courier is not included.
  • Others will each get an electronic copy of Certificate of Participation.

How to register?

  • Please pay before you register. Registration fee is RM60 per student. Online transfer to Hallmark Approach Sdn Bhd (Maybank 5186 1700 0715). Make sure you write the FULL student name in the payment description. Unidentified online payment will not be refunded.
  • Please select "Registration" button below. Attach the payment slip in the form.
  • BULK Registration - If you wish to register by bulk, please contact CK Gan 0123833218.
  • Participant competition level in ISMC 2022 will be based on the participant's BIRTH YEAR. The participant can choose higher level, but not lower.
  • Past year papers will be available for students who has registered and paid. We will send you the link via Whatsapp after we checked the registration. Sample papers are FREE. Please download from HERE.
  • Refund Policy: Refund is permissible if you cannot attend the competition on the scheduled date due to health condition, and the replacement date is not available. You must produce a valid medical certificate to request the refund of the participation fee.
  • No cancellation is allowed after registration

Sample Papers & Syllabi

ISMC Winner List

ISMC Online Competition Guide

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