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SAM Singapore Math Worksheet

Sample Worksheet

The Singapore Maths curriculum and pedagogy is unique and revolutionary in its approach towards the subject. It has garnered accolades around the world and has been consistently ranked at the top of most international math standard surveys and measurements. Singapore Maths is effective as a Stand Alone curriculum or or as a Supplement to an existing school maths program in national school (KSSR) and international or private school.

At SAM, we designed and authored our very own program based on the Singapore Maths curriculum. With over 30,000 pages of meticulously designed ‘step up’ worksheets and an SAM Certification program for all our Trainers, we have developed arguably the most comprehensive continuous program ever for Singapore Maths.

SAM Singapore Math Curriculum

The Curriculum

Its true, practice makes perfect. More than that however, we believe that focusing on the right skills during practice can greatly enhance learning productivity.

These days, a student requires more than just Rote learning to excel in Maths. At SAM, we focus on skills such as Critical Thinking, Heuristics, Logical Reasoning, Metacognitive Understanding, Modeling Techniques and Situational Word Problems, amongst others. Collectively, we term this as A Holistic Approach to learning Mathematics.

Throughout our program, from the way Trainers engage students in the Classroom, to the way questions are phrased and how solutions are presented in our Worksheets, we adopt this Holistic Approach. By the end of our program, SAM students will be well equipped with an array of skills to confidently embrace future challenges in the world of numbers.

SAM Singapore Math

A Holistic Approach

At SAM, we engage students through The Worksheet Experience and The Classroom Experience. We call this the Two Learning Pillars.

The Worksheet Experience engages each student individually in their own designated time for study at home. This regime instils self discipline and independent learning, both necessary skills required in all manner of learning, not just Mathematics. SAM worksheets are designed with narrative instructions and relevant examples before each topic commences. The volume of work and level of difficulty are all carefully calibrated to ensure that learning remains challenging yet fun for every student at SAM.

The Classroom Experience, conducted by Certified SAM Trainers, engages students with dialogue, probing questions, props, games and a healthy dose of encouragement. The idea is to make learning fun and memorable through an array of interactive experiences. During this engagement time, the Trainer also takes the opportunity to accesses how the student is coping with his work, his rate of progress and his level of motivation. Qualified SAM trainers understand that their role is not just to instil Mathematical knowledge in students, but also to inculcate the right learning attitude and self discipline in them, in preparation for their future.

SAM Singapore Math

Two Learning Pillars

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Because every child is unique in their ability to learn and in the method in which they learn, we, at SAM, will design a customized learning program that is Specially Tailored for your child. We first assess your child through our Proprietary Assessment Test to determine his level of comprehension in Mathematics. Your child is then placed at a comfortable starting point to build confidence and assimilate into our program. Over time, as the student/trainer relationship is established, we will further fine tune the program to maximize your child’s learning potential in Mathematics.

Our program places emphasis in the development of a foundational understanding of Mathematics, and how the Mathematical knowledge can be applied in different ways in the real world. The skills and knowledge that your child acquires at SAM will prepare him well very well for his Own School’s Maths curriculum now and in the future.

SAM Learning Approach

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